Spiritual Foundation (Sahajyogtv.com) focuses only on one goal that a human being is able to solve his problems by himself with the help of positive energy and five elements of his own body. For this neither any money will be charged from him nor he will be given any medicines. By learning this (Sahaja Yoga) system, the family members of the affected individual can themselves cure any disease, they can gain knowledge about astrology, get to know which place in the body is filled with negativity, what can be the cause of the disease (negativity) in the person, and how can that disease be cured. By the technique of Sahaja yoga the family members can even help the individuals suffering from different types of addictions such that the addicted person will withdraw himself completely from addiction. Sahaj yoga is been practiced since ancient times. Shri. Nirmala Mataji Devi (Mahaavataar) has shown the world a different dimension to the form of Sahaj yoga.

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Who is Sadguru ?​​

(Satguru llam Singh Bansal Ji)

In today’s world many people proclaim themselves to be Guru, Sadguru. But it is seen many a times that those who claim that they Gurus, Sadgurus do such an act that they see the doors of the prison. Even after these Gurus get imprisoned, their disciples keep faith in them and accept them as avatar of God or Holy person. Most of these disciples are either consuming alcohol or other form of drugs. The disciples do not lead their life by good conduct and character. They follow the activities and character of their Sadguru and lead their life.

But we Sahajyogis say that we know Sadguru Ilam Singh Bansal who is a self-realized person. He is an honest person following Dharma in true sense. He conducts self-realization sessions for people such that they get to know and feel the presence of God within themselves. He has spread this awareness among thousands of people. He makes them understand and helps them how to judge the essence and important quality and value of real temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches with the help of Brahma shakti (vibrations with cool breeze). He helps them understand that how visiting certain religious places, temples, mosques, churches etc will be beneficial whereas visiting particular temples, mosques, etc can be harmful as well. Read more