Vishuddhi is the first chakra where filtration takes place therefore it is an extremely sensitive chakra and protects us from the attack of bacteria. This chakra gets affected when person inhales polluted air. This pollution in the air is mainly caused by the industries, factories, vehicles and other machines. Along with pollution, smoking is also one of the major reasons which damages this chakra In a severe manner. This chakra looses it’s sensibility due to recitation of fake and random mantras. Mantras given by fake gurus is one of the most important causes for damaging this chakra. Left side of this chakra stops to function properly if the person keeps blaming others. In reality constantly blaming a person is nothing but expression of self ego. Indeed, blaming others is actually making assumptions about others and nothing else. This habit of blaming others comes to an end once we start recognizing ourselves as a soul.

Lord of this chakra Shri Radha Krishna gives us the message of to be wise, such that a person is able to fight the difficulties in a learned and witty manner. When this chakra opens up the small universe of human gets awakened towards the infinite universe of the space, which means a person starts to understand and starts acquiring the real knowledge about the Almighty.