The Subtle System:

In Sahajyog as well in many books it is mentioned that there is a subtle system in the human body, once the man gains knowledge about this internal subtle system he will be able to solve any ailment without taking any medication.

By gaining knowledge about this subtle system an individual will get to know about the importance of the 7 chakras present in the human body.  Not only will he get the solutions to his health problems but it will bring an overall improvement in the character of the individual from within. Thus every human being can become a person of a good character (honest towards everyone) and good conduct. Hence, Satyug will be established worldwide.

Chakras: It is stated that there are 7 chakras and 3 nadis present in human body right from his birth. We, Sahajyog team will explain in details about the importance of these chakras and nadis.

How does a human body catches infections ?
Why a person starts suffering from a particular disease ?
How do you become a victim to problems ?

The answer to all these questions is suppression of chakras in our body. When these chakras become weak, they lead to multiple health ailments. Suppression of chakras is also a reason that a person falls into problematic conditions whether it is at home, office or anywhere. His relations with his family members, colleagues, and other people are also dependent on these chakras. When a person starts working on cleansing process of chakras he starts healing from within. Thus, he starts getting cured from the disease he is suffering from. His family life and work life also gets balanced and starts functioning smoothly.