The second chakra in our body is called as Swadhisthan chakra. It is located at the bottom of the kidney and liver. It helps in the smooth functioning of the pancreas, spleen, and intestine. To overcome the shortage of brown as well as white particles present in the frontal head, this chakra breaks down the fats present in the stomach, gives the energy to the frontal head, such that it gives birth to an altogether new dimension of thinking. But too much of thinking makes Surya-stotra weak. Continuously worrying about something makes this chakra very weak. It is not that our mind (chitta) functions only from our head (or brain). Functioning of the mind is also dependent on the proper functioning of the liver. Therefore, consumption of alcoholic drink not only damages the liver but also affects the brain (Mind). The significance of this chakra lies at its left side signifying Pure knowledge (Khuda’s Ilam). Gaining knowledge without understanding and awareness (Chetana) brings impurity in this chakra. Performing acts linked to Black magic works against this chakra. Lord Brahma (Hazrat Ali, Fatima) is the God of pure knowledge. This chakra leads to the path of beautiful knowledge (Saundarya-bodh). Goddess Saraswati is the ruler of this chakra. Cunning and fake behavior is harmful for this chakra.