Sushumna naadi (Vayu)

This naadi is also called as Brahma naadi (Shruti). This naadi can be activated only by the correct guidance of a real Guru. The person whose Sushumna naadi is activated cannot get infected by any disease and will not face any problems in his life. This can be achieved only by Kundalini awakening in the human body either in the presence of Sadguruji or by keeping photo of Shree Nirmala Mataji (Mahaavtaar) in front. This can be done by a self-realized person at his home by looking towards the sky and reciting “Om” mantra 108 times.

How can we do Kundalini awakening

The person is advised to stay in a natural environment for couple of days either in the presence of Sadguruji or by keeping Shree Mataji’s photo in front of him. In the entire process the 7 chakras are been activated by the Kundalini. In Sahajyoga, when cool breeze starts to pour out from the palms, feet and head of the person it is stated that the person becomes a Guru.