Who is Sadguru ?

In today’s world many people proclaim themselves to be Guru, Sadguru. But it is seen many a times that those who claim that they Gurus, Sadgurus do such an act that they see the doors of the prison. Even after these Gurus get imprisoned, their disciples keep faith in them and accept them as avatar of God or Holy person. Most of these disciples are either consuming alcohol or other form of drugs. The disciples do not lead their life by good conduct and character. They follow the activities and character of their Sadguru and lead their life.

But we Sahajyogis say that we know Sadguru Ilam Singh Bansal who is a self-realized person. He is an honest person following Dharma in true sense. He conducts self-realization sessions for people such that they get to know and feel the presence of God within themselves. He has spread this awareness among thousands of people. He makes them understand and helps them how to judge the essence and important quality and value of real temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches with the help of Brahma shakti (vibrations with cool breeze). He helps them understand that how visiting certain religious places, temples, mosques, churches etc will be beneficial whereas visiting particular temples, mosques, etc can be harmful as well. He can guide you about staying in particular house can bring prosperity whereas staying in particular house will not bring any prosperity.

Sadguruji once decided that he will choose the path which leads to the Almighty. He wanted to know whether God exists in reality. And if he exists then how come the Muslims

He decided to go in depth and search whether God exists in reality or not.

In his experience of life, he saw that people visiting temples and mosques were much more unhappy in their life than the people who did not believe in God. Rather the people who did not visit temples, mosques were happy. This thought got imbided in Sadguruji’s mind. He wanted to know the reality behind this. So he started exploring and reading all the holy books to gain the indepth truth behind this. In search of God he read the holy Shrimadbhagwat Gita, Holy Quran Shareef, Guru Granth, Holy Bible, Gyaneshwari, Saundarya Lahari. He even started following things in his life the way it was written in these books. But he could not practically prove all that that was written in these holy books. He could not prove whether he was correct or incorrect in his search for God. But ultimately his search came to an end when he found Shri Nirmala Deviji and became a self-realized individual. Shri Nirmala Mataji gave him self-realization. Later, he did research on Shri Mataji, whether she is a common person or an Avataar Alia.

When he got proof that Shri Mataji is an Avataar, he declared it that Shri Mataji is an Avataar of this era. The task of Kundalini Jaagran in a self-realized individual in a collective gathering can only be performed by an Avataar and not by any common man.

Sadguruji has also mentioned this in events in front of the media that unless the man gets self-realization he cannot recognize the Avataar, neither will he be able to introspect himself, neither will he be able to become a Sadguru, neither will he be able to help others and pull them out of their problems and difficulties.

Today Sadguruji Shri Ilam Singh is travelling all over India to spread Sahajyoga. He is going to villages, colleges, jails and many other institutions and conduct these sessions publically in front of media to spread the awareness of Sahajyoga. He gives self-realization to people while conducting these meditation sessions. He also goes to temples, mosques and other religious places and conducts such sessions to spread Sahajyoga. He does all of this free of cost.

He is doing this work not only in India but also in foreign countries. For this he takes no charges because Shri Mataji has taken promise from him that this work of spreading Sahajyoga among people should be done free of cost, or else this power of vibrations will not remain in your hands.

With the help of this Brahma Shakti you get the power to change the climatic conditions. Incurable diseases can be treated with the help of this Brahma Shakti. Brahma Shakti can also bring improvement in children’s studies. Evil spells of Tantriks can be eradicated with the help of Brahma Shakti. And most importantly one can answer any question put in front of him by giving a scientific and spiritual proof to it. Thus by giving self-realization to a common man we can make him a Sufi doctor.

After doing the assay of all that is written above I doctor Ilam Singh Bansal say that in reality I will be doing this work of giving self-realization to people worldwide, free of cost.

I Ilam Singh Bansal would like to state that the day is not too far when this era of Kalyug will come to an end and Satyug will get established everywhere.

Sadguruji is indeed a blessed individual