Pingla naadi (Pitta)

This naadi of the human being becomes weak if the person keeps thinking about his future. When he constantly keeps thinking and planning for his future, his blood pressure (BP) becomes high. He starts suffering from ailments like blood pressure, kidney diseases, problems associated with blood sugar, disorders associated with lungs and migraine.

Remedy – The person can overcome this ailment with the help the following:

  • The person suffering from any of the above ailments is been foremostly asked to get self-realization
  • Then with the help of Akash (Sky) element, looking towards the sky, he is been asked to recite mantras of either Chandrama (Moon) or mantras of the Himalayas.
  • He is also been asked to do either Ice treatment or water treatment.

By the above treatment method the patient gets guaranteed relief in one month. But this treatment will be done only under the supervision of Sadguruji. Because he can judge the exact cause of the disease and also the remedy for the disease with the help of (holy) vibrations. The above treatment will be done either on the patient himself or by any of the family member of the patient.