The third chakra, Naabhi chakra helps in the smooth functioning of the upper part of the human body, the part above stomach and liver. Improper functioning of naabhi chakra causes problems related to indigestion. This also puts stress on the naabhi chakra. Too much thinking about the food to be consumed also causes stress on this chakra.

This chakra is the central point for human health. The quality of being morally right and justifiable, having good behavior is real human dharma (Imaan in Urdu). This quality of righteousness supports this chakra. When Shri Mataji explains about Dharma to her disciples she says that property of Carbon element is that valency of Carbon is always 4. Property and quality of Gold element is that it never gets stains or spots on its surface. Similarly the most important quality of human lies in the manner he performs his Dharma. Shri Mataji says Dharma is the strongest support system of the human. Shri Mataji has mentioned that it is Dharma which led to the evolution and progress of human race. Shri Mataji says it is the channel of Dharma by which man (human being) has evolved from the stage of Amoeba (single – celled microorganism) and reached the stage where he became a human (multicellular organism). Shri Mataji says that we should balance our life by preserving the moral values of Dharma. Thus 10 commandments are given to human beings to follow the values of Dharma.

This chakra is for the success and prosperity of man. As the progress of the human being started to take place, his cravings and desires became bigger day by day. He started becoming greedy and developed hunger to acquire and possess money in excess. This greed of money and materials brings extreme stress and hurdles in the life of an individual. Wealth, business, food, strategic future planning, ability to give logical conclusion other Materials in the world is the special character within right side of this chakra. Unorganized lifestyle, prosperity achieved in unethical manner, thinking without logical conclusion leads to hurdles in life. Disrespect towards wife, problems related to argumentative behavior of wife and persistent anxiety affects the left side of this chakra. Quarrelsome and Argumentative behavior causes stress on the (pleeha) spleen and makes the left side of the naabhi chakra weak. Weak naabhi chakra causes problems like allergy, bacterial infections, fungal infections and parasitic infections.