The first chakra “Mooladhar” chakra is situated at the end of the spinal cord, at a little exterior part. This chakra is established by the Lord of wisdom. This Lord restricts the entry of any evil body having sinful intentions (Naapaak in Urdu) to enter our body and thus protects the pure form of Kundalini (Roohani in Urda) which is resting near the end of the Spinal cord. There is a sacred triangular bone located just above Mooladhar chakra. Kundalini is taking rest and relaxing within this sacred bone. Position of the Kundalini itself shows that for the rising of the kundalini, tearing or cutting (Laceration) of the sex organ is not at all required. Rising of Kundalini is in no way related to sex or to do anything related to sex. This position of Kundalini shows that there is no place for kaam-vaasna in the religious segment of our life. If Mooladhar chakra is weak, then Kundalini will not get arise from its place. Also if Mooladhar chakra becomes impure, though Kundalini rises, it falls back again to its place. Kundalini raises itself from Mooladhar chakra till the last 7th chakra where it gets united with the sacred soul that is emitting collective holy forces (holy rays).

The main function of Mooladhar chakra inside our body is to help body function smoothly by retention and by eliminating the waste elements / byproducts from the body. This chakra keeps the human body under control by giving him the knowledge of his limits (Maryaada). The effects of suppression of Mooladhar chakra leads to disloyalty with your life partner (Adultery), unethical behavior, affects excretory organs leading to problems of constipation and patches on the skin.

Infertility in human body is also caused due to suppression of Mooladhar chakra. Drug addiction, going to tantrics (one to performs tantras, mantras), tying threads on the body (Taabeez, Gande, Dhhaage) leads to extreme damage of Mooladhar chakra. An active Mooladhar chakra will fill you up with intelligence, gives you power to surrender, make you a person with purity and clean mind, makes you a decision making person. A person possessing this kind of character and conduct spreads prosperity and gives spiritual happiness to people around him. By absorbing the quality of Innocence from Lord Shri Ganesh one can make his Mooladhar chakra pure and clean.