Idaa naadi (Cough)​

This naadi of the human being becomes weak if the person keeps thinking about his past, chants wrong mantras, visits fake gurus. When he is involved in either of the above mentioned activities his blood pressure (BP) becomes low and he starts suffering from mental health problems. The person even gets attacks resembling fits when he is under a spell of black magic.

Remedy – The person can overcome this ailment with the help the following:

  • Taking support of Earth element mentioned in Sahajyog
  • Candle treatment
  • Reciting of Shri Ganesh Mantra

This remedy is guaranteed by Sahajyog team. It gives positive results if any of the self-realized family member performs the above activities or if the patient himself performs these activities.

You can watch our video and visit Dr. I. S. Bansal’s (Sadguruji’s) centre. He will guide you and give you the remedy free of cost.