Bhavsagar is a chakra having personality which includes all elements of life. Bhavsagar chakra is linked to the planetary effects on human, effects of following certain Guru, our behaviour (Dharma) , thereby supporting our body, and corrugating 2nd and 3rd (Swadhisthan and Naabhi) chakra encircling them from all 4 sides. The area covered under Bhavsagar chakra is the outer surface. Bhavsagar is such an emblematic part of our body that fills the body in such a way that we realize that imprudence is the reason that keeps us and our knowledge away from the truth. When Kundalini fills up this emptiness with its gleam (light) then our Chitt moves from illusionary world to real and truthful world of knowledge and we continue to move on the path of self-realization. This chakra is called the element of Guru (Guru Tatva). From the time it is known (since ages) Aadiguru has actively led the incarnations of these great Gurus – Lao Tse, Socrates, Moses, Confucius, Mohammad, Gurunanak, Abraham, King Janak and Sai Nath from Shirdi. All these great Gurus arrived as incarnations for the upliftment of human race. They have given us the rules that brings balance in our daily life as well as in extreme versions of life. Person becomes his own Guru (Sufi) when Kundalini fills up Bhavsagar with its gleam (light). These days unfortunately, many people are wearing fake mask and presenting themselves as real Gurus. People following these fake Gurus have damaged their Bhavsagar as their Bhavsagar gets choked by following these fake Gurus. It is very difficult for a for a common man (also inquisitive) who is confused to recognise a real Guru. People get carried by these fake Gurus as they attract common man by their ego afflicted thoughts