About Sahajyogtv

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In this era of Satyug, some Sahajyogis have come together and created a channel named Sahajyogtv. By merely watching the programs on this channel 70% problems of a person can be solved either by the person on his own or by any of his family members.

Self – realized individuals including kids, women and men help to run Sahajyogtv.com by giving their contribution for the smooth functioning of the channel. In the channel the self-realized individual suggests specific holy chants (Mantras) for curing specific ailments of the body. Every possible problem in this world can be solved by reciting these Mantras. The team members have declared this in many public events and in media that “In Sahajyoga there is solution to all problems of the world”

In Sahajyoga you get solutions for multiple problems like fighting with different diseases, marital problems faced due to disagreements between husband and wife, misunderstandings among family members, problems in relation with your mis leaded child who is following a wrong path. This also helps a pregnant woman to deliver a healthy baby if she is suspectedly carrying an abnormal foetus (due to negativity) within her womb. Not only this but Sahajyoga has the power to bring the change to the entire functioning of the administration of the government by eradicating corrupt officers. Thus corruption can be altogether stopped at various government departments as well as in private companies. By means of Sahajyoga one can stop presentation of movies which have negative contents.

Sahajyog team works free of cost for the betterment of the people around the world. Sahajyog team not only gives solutions to all your problems but can prove this with their results. They guarantee that they have solutions for all the ailments and problems in this world. For proving this Sahajyog team conducts live events where they prefer gathering of at least 1000 people coming from different religions and also the presence of media, press for covering the event.

Sahajyog team will also give the proof of declaring which individuals among us are still from Kalyug and which individuals have arrived in Satyug. Hence this channel is also called as “Satyugi channel”.

What is Vishwa Nirmal Dharma : When an incarnation is born on the earth, he takes birth in a particular community and gives preaching to his disciples. The world starts following it as a religion. Birth of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama lead to the formation of Hindu religion. Birth of Paigambar ji lead to the formation of Muslim (Islam) religion. Birth of Gurunanak ji lead to the formation of Sikh religion. And birth of Jesus Christ lead to the formation of Christian religion. In later ages when similar Avatars were reborn, people disagreed to accept them as Avatars. People accepted them as Avatars only when the Avatars completed their human journey on earth and left for heavenly abode.

This time Mahaavtaar Shri Nirmala Devi ji has taken birth on the earth. Shri Mataji has spread the word of awareness to her devotees about the earlier Avatars who were born on earth as well as what is written in various Holy books. Shri Mataji has mentioned about these avatars in her speech not only in a very spiritual way but also in a very scientific and practical manner by giving proof in front of the public as well as in media. Today even Shri Mataji’s disciples are giving proof to the public and in the media about the eternal power of Kundalini awakening.

Shri Mataji has established Vishwa Nirmal Dharma in the year 1970. Vishwa Nirmal Dharma was followed by many Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. By giving self-realization to the individuals Shri Mataji has eradicated the caste system. Thus Shri Mataji has brought an end to the Kalyug leading to an establishment of Satyug. In this era of Satyug, solution to every problem, and cure to various health ailments is available by recitation of specific mantras for specific problems. Self-realized individuals (Satyugi) themselves can cure members in their family. Money and medicines were the operating factors in Kalyug. But this will not work in Satyug. This is what Vishwa Nirmal Dharma has conveyed to the people, to the world.